GC Gruppe- Großhandel für SHK Haustechnik - Sanitär, Heizung, Klima


As an international operating family-owned business we are able to combine the capacity of a large-scale enterprise with the flexibility of a regional service provider. Our size and strength as an alliance is beneficial for our employees and for our market partners.

Through sustainable growth and strategic strength the GC Group has a TOP 3 ranking in the HVAC and Sanitary segment in Europe!

About us

Welcome to the GC-GROUP – welcome to the future!

Your partner for sanitary, heating, air conditioning/ventilation, electronics, roof technology and installation

Are you looking for an energy efficient heat recovery ventilation? Or for classy BATHROOM IDEAS which combine delightful shower experiences and a responsible use of water? Or would you prefer intelligent heating engineering that hardly emits any CO2 at all? Innovative technologies often have their first breakthrough in the area of the building services.

Our promise to our professional customers:

By cooperating with the GC-GROUP you will always be one step ahead!

As the market leading wholesale distributor in germany, the core competency of the GC-GROUP is to offer services and innovative products from a single source for the entire housing technology range, including

  • Sanitary
  • Heating
  • Air conditioning/ventilation
  • electronics
  • installation
  • Roof technology.

We exclusively use the 3-stage distribution system to sell our products.

The subsidiaries HTI-GROUP (retail business for civil engineering and industrial engineering), DTG-GROUP (wholesale roof technology) as well as the EFG-GROUP (wholesale for electronics), which respectively cover certain product segments.

The advantage of short distribution ways: With more than 170 GC-partner locations, we can be found somewhere near you

With more than 170 medium-sized and personally managed housing technology wholesalers in Europe, the GC-GROUP is present and available for the professional customers and offers the same reliable service at many locations.

The °regional ties of each of the GC-partner-locations ensure the personal exchange and contact with the customers in the area. And they ensure that the special, local market requirements of the professional crafts are me