Our customer promise

From professional tradesmen, designers and architects to the housing industry – all our customers can rely on the exceptional service offered by the GC-GROUP.
We offer ideal logistics and immediate product availability, professional advice and up to date e-business logos that effectively simplify day to day business and pave the way to the world of tomorrow. We can make you flexible and responsive. Right across Europe.


Pioneering the digital world

Digitalization is changing the world at a pace we have never seen before. We have joined in and helped to shape the process from the very beginning. As long ago as 1996 the GC-GROUP opened the first online shop in our sector and we have consistently consolidated our pioneering role with the introduction of innovative tools that benefit the customer.

Modern logistics add flexibility and protect the climate

Climate change demands our maximum attention and calls for logistics that are sustainably oriented towards the requirements specific to urban and rural areas. Together with our suppliers and customers, we are helping to build the world of tomorrow.