A unique range

With daily access to over 70,000 items in stock and the ability to supply a further 100,000 products within 24 hours via its GC24-EXPRESS service, the GC GROUP helps professional tradesmen to succeed in the modern world of business. 
In addition to this high-quality product portfolio, GC-GROUP customers can also rely on the competent, individual support provided by our employees. As experts in their field and all-round service specialists, our staff is available to offer advice at any time.


Business Areas

  • Bathroom supplies

    The bathroom has long since set aside its reputation as an – exclusively functional – wet cell. Instead it is increasingly regarded as a place of retreat and a valued living space. The willingness of end users to increase their level of investment is rising accordingly. And so the market for bathroom products continues to grow. 
    Trends such as barrier-free design and new, futuristic technologies offer huge market potential. From water-saving taps to environmentally friendly heating systems and smart home solutions, as a wholesaler specializing in this sector, the GC-GROUP is your partner for modern bathroom products.

  • Heating

    Many of the resources we exploit to heat our daily lives are precious and finite. And because fossil fuels such as oil and gas will no longer in future enjoy limitless availability, demand for alternatives that conserve resources is greater than ever.
    Here too the GC-GROUP is aware of its responsibility, and has long since offered more than just conventional heating technologies to the trade. The proportion of renewable energy systems is continually increasing as we expand our range of heat exchangers. 

  • Air conditioning and ventilation

    Take a deep breath! Because fresh air is indispensable, the GC GROUP carries a large range of air conditioning and ventilation products. This not only covers a large number of quality manufacturers, it also guarantees rapid product availability.
    From modern HVAC systems with heat recovery and high-efficiency fan systems to energy-saving air conditioning with intelligent controls, we cover the full range – from a single source.

  • Plumbing

    Reliable and almost invisible hidden behind the wall, plumbing has an indispensible role to play. Our customers profit from a comprehensive range that is always up to date with the latest developments, comprising more than 200,000 items.
    From stainless steel via copper to a wide variety of plastic plumbing systems and connectors – our GC-GROUP products are reliable, safe and optimized for specific applications. The same applies for example to vital fire protection equipment, reliable pump systems and optimum sound insulation. With climate protection in mind, the GC-GROUP offers a large number of water-saving and resource-friendly solutions.

  • Electricals

    We have quality branded products, renowned manufacturers, a range of more than 450,000 items and many thousands of long-standing customers in trade and industry: In addition to the EFG-GROUP, the many specialist departments within the GC-GROUP are dedicated to electrical solutions. From a simple socket via sophisticated lighting systems through to innovative smart home solutions – we are your reliable partner for electricals as well.

  • Civil engineering

    As a customer of the HTI-GROUP, you not only profit from a multi-facetted range of products. You also benefit from a complete service covering all aspects of your project. With more than 60 logistical bases, our network covers the whole of Germany. So besides an optimum ratio of price to performance, we can also guarantee high availability and short product delivery times.

  • Industrial engineering

    Piping systems are complex in a modern industrial context. A high degree of technical competence is called for. Whatever the application, from cooling and process water to compressed air, sprinkler systems, energy lines, drinking water, heating, water treatment or filtration – every medium requires safe, economical pipe systems that are designed to suit the application along with suitable accessories. The ITG-GROUP can help with innovative products that feature quality, safety and longevity.
    Your point of contact is and remains our affiliated company, the HTI-GROUP. Our experts are available to provide practical assistance at more than 60 locations.

  • Roofing

    Modern construction materials and solutions allow for visionary roofing concepts and creative designs that know no bounds – in the public, industrial and private sectors. Our range of products and services includes everything you need for roofing and facade projects, all from a single source. Our cooperation with leading industrial partners in this market enables our customers to benefit from a product range covering all aspects of roofing that satisfies even the most demanding requirements. That applies across all our roofing wholesalers and specialist departments at all GC locations.

  • Tools

    You can’t do the job without them: the right tools are indispensable for a good day’s work. That’s why here too the GC-GROUP offers professional tradesmen a comprehensive selection of products that covers the entire range from A to Z.