GC Gruppe- Großhandel für SHK Haustechnik - Sanitär, Heizung, Klima


As an international operating family-owned business we are able to combine the capacity of a large-scale enterprise with the flexibility of a regional service provider. Our size and strength as an alliance is beneficial for our employees and for our market partners.

Through sustainable growth and strategic strength the GC Group has a TOP 3 ranking in the HVAC and Sanitary segment in Europe!

The distributors network

Service and variety of products for professional tradesmen

The wholesaler network provides a variety of specialized craftsmen locations, providing unparalleled. Due to the unique concentration of pick-Express warehouses (ABEXen), distribution sites and exhibitions will each craftsman quickly the products and services they need for their daily work. Within Germany, the next ABEX average is reachable in just eight minutes.

As diverse as the locations is the range of the individual scheme members. It extends over the entire house and building with the areas of plumbing, heating, air conditioning / ventilation, electrical, roof installation and engineering to civil engineering and industrial technology.

For the craftsman provides the composite of the wholesale groups GC, HTI, DTG, EFG and TFG and other partners at home and abroad a common service and quick and simple logistics. Common IT solutions allow easy shopping at all sites of the network.

Using the search function on this page, you can quickly and easily wholesale locations in your area as well as further information on the respective range.