Together we succeed

As a specialist wholesaler, we are your partner for bathroom supplies, heating, air conditioning and ventilation, electricals, plumbing, roofing as well as civil and industrial engineering. We are valued across Europe by suppliers and customers alike as a strong partner and a service-oriented family business. Thanks to this cooperation, we can offer an unparalleled network that guarantees reliability and top quality individual solutions – from manufacturing via supply and service through to installation.

With our around 170 family-run partner companies, we have an international presence at over 1,375 locations. Our partners benefit from membership of a large and powerful group, but also from their local independence. For our customers, we guarantee not only a personal point of contact and individually tailored services. At all times we offer convenience, maximum product availability and a unique network. 

Where ever you are – we’re there for you!

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We stand for partnership

We stand for partnership, and we stand by our word. This is the philosophy that guides us in every strategic decision we make and forms the basis for our search for partners who seek long-term mutual success. The question often arises, how does one choose between the synergy effects offered by a Europe-wide market-leading wholesaler and the authenticity and independence of a regional company?

Why choose?

There is no compulsion, but we aim to continue our sustainable growth in future. Regionally, nationally, internationally.

  • Fundamentally democratic decisions

    All of our partners in an individual country make decisions jointly about the orientation of the Group and the future of our sector. Think global, act local!

  • Growing sustainably together

    In addition to organic growth, we are constantly expanding through joint acquisitions.

  • Options not orders

    We have amassed a vast “bouquet” of know-how gathered from every country. Every partner can take a closer look at the option that suits his or her business.

  • Independence

    We are not listed on the stock market and are therefore not subject to short-term investor expectations. This independence gives us the headroom to make the right decisions and the freedom where necessary to respond at a moment’s notice. Continuity and the power to innovate are both equally part of our DNA.

  • Partnership

    Our family businesses interact as equals.

Partnered with CORPO

CORPO is an international platform for cooperation. Directed explicitly at wholesalers, CORPO aims to exploit the power of a shared network to develop innovative ideas and new perspectives that take account of dynamic market developments today and in the future. CORPO offers partnership synergies ranging from market entry via purchasing and sales to logistics. The GC-GROUP is partnered with CORPO