GC Gruppe- Großhandel für SHK Haustechnik - Sanitär, Heizung, Klima


As an international operating family-owned business we are able to combine the capacity of a large-scale enterprise with the flexibility of a regional service provider. Our size and strength as an alliance is beneficial for our employees and for our market partners.

Through sustainable growth and strategic strength the GC Group has a TOP 3 ranking in the HVAC and Sanitary segment in Europe!


Extraordinary customer service by the GC-GROUP

Constructing the future together – professional craftsmen, planners and architects may rely on one thing when cooperating with the GC-GROUP: the extraordinary service.

We are offering perfect logistics and immediate availability of goods, professional advice as well as the latest e-business-offers that facilitate the every-day-business in a simple and effective way: The GC-GROUP is always up to date when it comes to the latest market developments and it has adjusted its business to the requirements of the professional crafts. We accompany our customers with comprehensive services from A to Z. That is why we are not only the German market leader ourselves but we ensure the success on the construction sites of our more than 85,000 customers.

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  • logistics
  • ABEX
  • advice
  • Trade exhibitions