How do you steer a business safely and successfully into the future in a changing world?

In an era in which financially powerful newcomers to the industry are forcing their way into the market, when digitalisation is impacting radically on purchasing patterns, and products are just a mouse click away? As an inherently strong alliance and a CORPO partner, the GC GROUP has the answers, throughout Europe. Answers that are the product of a constant exchange of ideas with tradesmen and with industry. You too can benefit from these answers – as a customer, supplier or partner of our wholesale alliance. We look forward to welcoming you!

A pan-European network – as a CORPO partner

CORPO is an international platform for cooperation. Directed explicitly at wholesalers and industrial partners, CORPO aims to exploit the power of a shared network to develop innovative ideas and new perspectives that take account of dynamic market developments today and in the future. CORPO offers partnership synergies ranging from market entry via purchasing and sales to logistics. The GC GROUP is partnered with CORPO.

We are building the future. Digitally. Locally.

With products from A to Z, as long ago as the mid-1990s the GC GROUP developed the first online shop in the HVAC sector. It was a milestone. From apps to arrange direct delivery to an engineer’s vehicle to electronic invoicing, special order deliveries by courier and digital catalogues – the Group continues to this day to set Europe-wide trends using digital tools. Together with our partners in industry and the craft trades, we combine our digital services in every area of HVAC with our local strengths.

Full-range supplier in a future-oriented sector

From energy-saving heating via smart home solutions and solar technology to accessible bathrooms – we innovate, we set new trends, and our product ranges make an active contribution to environmental protection. Not just professional tradesmen, but designers, architects and developers, too, can count on our experience, our reliability and our products.

We owe our strength to our customers

We work together with our customers as partners they can depend on, ready to help with every aspect of their projects. Our customers benefit from our universal logistics that cross regional and national boundaries. We support our customers with our competence, power of innovation and a product range of more than 4.5 million items.

Special opportunities for suppliers

We aim to continue growing with dynamic and innovative suppliers at our side. We are a strong partner. Nationally and internationally. We deal in products from the world’s finest manufacturers. Our range is constantly expanding – always with an eye to the current and future needs of the market. Suppliers, too, benefit from our powerful logistics network.


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