GC Gruppe- Großhandel für SHK Haustechnik - Sanitär, Heizung, Klima


As an international operating family-owned business we are able to combine the capacity of a large-scale enterprise with the flexibility of a regional service provider. Our size and strength as an alliance is beneficial for our employees and for our market partners.

Through sustainable growth and strategic strength the GC Group has a TOP 3 ranking in the HVAC and Sanitary segment in Europe!

Welcome to the GC GROUP

Your partner for sanitary, heating, air conditioning/ventilation, electronics, roof technology and installation

GC-Group in numbers

We have been serving our customers for more than 90 years: The GC-GROUP is a strong network of individually managed wholesalers for housing technology all over Europe.

The GC-GROUP is one of the market leaders in Europe and its core competency is to provide services and innovative products for the entire range of building services from a single source. Sanitary, heating, air conditioning/ventilation, electronics, installation and roof technology.

In their daily work, professional craftsmen rely on the service and the experience of the GC-GROUP!

We see ourselves as partners to the professional craftsmen and the suppliers. This is the reason why the GC-GROUP has introduced the 3-step distribution channel.